Zurilda Johnstone

Vital Stats

First Name: Zurilda

Surname: Johnstone

Age: 30

Where you live: Johannesburg and George

Occupation: Bar and restaurant owner and singer/songerwriter

Social Profiles

Instagram: https://instagram.com/zurie____?igshid=1f28fgb62jmjs

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/zurie.zuriez

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ZurildaSA


Tell us more about yourself

What are your personal fitness goals?

To maintain a fit, healthy and balanced lifestyle in such a way that I can still do what I love long into the future. I want to maintain a healthy physique that not only looks good but that’s trained to perform at its best.


How will you use your #BiogenFaceOfFitness ambassadorship to inspire women to lead a healthy / fit lifestyle if you win?

We lead by example And having a bigger platform to inspire others I would do so by empowering women to love and live more, to have fun with fitness and nutrition and to live fearlessly. Add some self-defence training and tips in there and women can take over the world.


What health and fitness quote or mantra do you live by?

There’s always someone working or training harder than you.


Tell us about your fitness lifestyle

I try to make sure I’m always having fun to keep it as a lifestyle, which is why I always mix training up. I enjoy weight training so I do it at least 3 days a week, with 3-4 days of whatever I feel like, from TRX bands, Bosu ball training, karate, boxing, wrestling, running, self defence, martial arts, yoga and spinning.


Why do you think youโ€™re the Biogen Face of Fitness?

I can represent and relate to everyday lifestyle clients through a balanced and healthy lifestyle doing it all: work, life and fitness. But I can also relate and inspire serious athletes and competitors, offering advice from mental perpetration before competing to training and keeping at it.



  • Juss Wentz on September 7, 2020

    Gan vir goud ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ† you can do it!!

  • Steve on September 11, 2020

    She is one amazing woman. Lots of respect for her

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