Tshenolo Pitse

Vital Stats:

  • First Name: Tshenolo
  • Surname: Pitse
  • Age: 24
  • Area you live in: Fourways
  • Occupation: Personal Trainer

Social Profiles:

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Tell us more about yourself:

What are your fitness goals?

As a Personal Trainer and fitness enthusiast, I am always looking at ways of challenging myself when it comes to working out. I am always working on becoming a better version of myself and being better than I was yesterday. I draw strength from where I come from as it motivates me to continue wanting to do and be better. I am always pushing myself and seeing how my body responds to different types of training and how my changes.

My current goal is to get out of my comfort zone and challenge myself to do a stage competition. I would like to see myself competing in the bikini fitness category; this is because I believe I have the drive and determination to do it successfully.

My goal is to use my profession as a Personal Trainer to be a source of inspiration and motivation that can be drawn from me by seeing me by all those who are already on their health and fitness journey. Moreover the ones who are yet to embark on their journey of living a healthier and more fulfilling life by being physically active.

Any sporting / fitness achievements we should know about?

I have always been very athletic. Sports birthed my fitness career. In high school, I was selected to represent North West at the Winter School Provincial games, earning me my North West Provincial Colors. That was a great moment in my sporting career to have reached such a level and be honoured with being given Provincial Colors.

I was a part of the team that launched NBA Africa in at Lebone II College of The Royal Bafokeng in Rustenburg. My athletic ability saw me being allowed the opportunity to play basketball for such a great sports organization. When I was on the sporting field, my world lit up, and this is the place I was at my happiest.

Why do you think you’re the USN Face of Fitness?

My love for sports birthed my fitness career. As a multifaceted, multidimensional young, passion-driven young lady, I believe I embody the qualities of what is required in the USN Face of Fitness.

I eat, sleep and breath fitness. Sports and fitness are imprinted in my DNA; I am all in. I am the magic, passion and love combined creates, when you look at me, you see a representation of the brand and the qualities it possesses. I am always ready to be challenged and to take up a challenge. Not on that but to challenge the norms and break away from them by being innovative and bringing a touch of my Iron_Lady fierceness into training.

I advocate for holistic health, and with being that, I firmly believe that the brand is looking for someone with a great personality and is a representation of what health and fitness embodies. I want to be looked at and leave an impression that, it is possible and attainable with focus, commitment and consistency to the journey.

I want to be the reason someone decided it is time to change for the better, it is time I took better care of myself and started exercising and leading a healthier life.

My greatest motivation comes from my parents. They both were athletes in their youthful years. My athleticism and being headstrong comes from my parents. They motivate me to do better and believe that I can be successful in my fitness career because my love and passion is so strong. I have seen how being active in their childhood and youthful years has been beneficial, as they are now ageing like fine wine. My father would have loved to pursue a career in sports if he had the chance to, but unfortunately, he was not able to. The smile on his face when he sees me and the support I receive is what on my not so great days keeps me going because I know he is proud of me.

I train five times a week in between my schedule as a Personal Trainer. Working as a trainer, I have learnt to lead by example. That which I preach to my clients, I practice. I order for people to believe what you are saying, you need to live your truth, be a testimony of what you preach. With the qualities I posses I believe I am the next USN Face of Fitness.





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