Sinead (Shay) Kotze

Age: 25
Lives: Johannesburg

I’m always wanting to further my knowledge, not only in what I find interesting but I love learning about new things or what others are passionate about! I have a strong belief that you have to offer more than just looks. You have to have substance and personality, be random and weird or talk too much, say how you feel, show your sense of humour. which I find only comes out when you let go of what others think of you and allow yourself to be who you are, flaws and all and embrace it. That’s when we are the most relatable when we stop portraying a perfect image. That’s how I feel about just being who I am, being real and honest. I love being outdoors, being active, spur of the moment adventures with those closest to me, trying new things, travelling, and I am a proper water baby. I am the happiest when I’m outside on a sunny day (I hate the cold) and really just want to live my life.

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How does fitness fit into your lifestyle?

Fitness has given me structure and a release from everyday stress from work and life. It forms part of my everyday schedule, whether it be going to the actual gym, going to the ice rink for a bit or, when it’s warm, going for a hike. it will always be part of my lifestyle.

What are your personal fitness goals?

I got into the whole fitness lifestyle initially because, while growing up, I was extremely active doing school sports, figure skating, and riding off road bikes. When I went to high school, it didn’t offer any sports and was purely academic based. I also found that I needed an escape –  something to help me deal with stress and problems in my personal life. I decided to give training a go. It served as a way to turn negative emotions into something positive. The more progress I saw, the more driven I became. My journey has been more downs than ups if I’m honest. I was either eating wrong or training wrong or just following the wrong “role models”. I essentially struggled with my own mindset because I kept having this yo-yo cycle of super skinny, chunky, binge eating or not eating because I just couldn’t find a healthy, happy balance. I was always scared of what others thought. I had times where I set my goals aside to make friends or loved ones happy, which I regret. However, this is how you learn and you learn who loves and truly supports you. Finally, I can say that I have found that happy balance and been able to get the mental side of things on track! It’s been hard but one thing it has proven is that I am extremely stubborn with my goals and that I’ll keep trying till I succeed. You learn a lot more through failures and hard times than you do in moments of success. It ultimately sculpts your character and who you are. My goal is to feel happy and comfortable in my skin, to reach my dream physique and, most importantly, I want to be someone that others can be inspired by and look to for motivation and guidance – be the person that I needed when I was struggling through it all.

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  • Co on September 16, 2021

    To be skinny 😂

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