Shannon Van Harn

Age: 24
Lives: Benoni

I’m creative at heart. Throughout my life I’ve always been drawn toward the arts, be it drawing, photography, fashion or writing – I feel my most original self when expressing myself creatively. I’m passionate. Chances are you won’t find me committing to something if I don’t feel  it in my heart. I’m an all-or-nothing kind of girl and give 110% to everything I do. I’m the outdoorsy type. I grab any chance to soak up the sunshine. In my free time I am always up for an adventure or hike.

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How does fitness fit into your lifestyle?

Fitness is my therapy. A good gym session or boxing class is the only thing I need after a  long day of work. I’m really just your everyday girl who loves the feeling of moving her body. Fitness has taught me some of my most valuable lessons in life. The discipline to show up and try, even on the days when you don’t feel like it. The patience of understanding that things might not always go to plan. Lastly, the importance of committing to yourself. We spend so much of our energy toward balancing work, family and relationships. The power of taking one hour to do something simply for you is invaluable. That one hour has the ability to show you your strength, your worth and the love you so deservingly owe yourself.

What are your personal fitness goals?

My fitness goals, much like my reason for entering the Biogen Face of Fitness, have drastically changed over time. I think many of us fall victim to chasing an aesthetic goal – I was no different. However, I have slowly transitioned to an understanding of what is truly healthy for my body and my mind. I am in a race. But my only competitor is myself and it’s a lot more like a marathon than a sprint. I look to fitness for slow but progressive improvement and generally base my milestones on strength and physicality rather than measurements and scales. I find joy in seeing my body becoming capable of doing the things I didn’t think it could before. At the end of the day, I am only trying to be a stronger and happier version of the person I was yesterday.


  • Angela Powell on September 20, 2021

    Everything of the best Shannon! I taught you in Grade 1 and ever since then, I have watched you excel, overcome challenges, encourage those around you and live with passion!

  • Liane VanHarn on September 20, 2021

    So proud of you Shannon, I know many would say I am biased as I’m your mom but who’s the better judge to see where you have been and what you’ve accomplished. You truly are such an inspiration sweetheart. Xxx

  • Lindsay on September 20, 2021

    Yoy go girl, if you can dream it, you can do it!

  • Shirley on September 20, 2021

    So proud of you Shan, you go girl.

  • Shirley Ntomane on September 20, 2021

    You go Shannon.

  • Lee-Ann on September 20, 2021

    Good luck Shannon 😊 you are beautiful inside and on the outside !

  • Lauren on September 21, 2021

    Good Luck Shannon! You really have become an amazing young lady! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for you❤️

  • Jean on September 22, 2021

    Shannon I am so proud of you, of what I have witnessed over the years. Your creativity is beyond limits. You are a inspiration to me. Every of the best Shan.

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