Romy Jo Swales

Age: 27
Lives: Cape Town

I’m a qualified performer from Cape Town, periodically employed by the Lion King the musical and simultaneously studying a Bcom Accounting. I am an intense fitness enthusiast and am hoping to complete a health and fitness course once I’ve finished my degree. I realised from a young age that I found joy in physical activity and working on the show has expanded that love into a more detailed understanding of the importance of a balanced active lifestyle. In one week of shows, I can burn up to 4000 calories with one recovery day, which I’d never encountered before. This required me to have a deeper level of commitment to my overall health and nutrition and highlighted the significance of managed recovery and sustainability.

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How does fitness fit into your lifestyle?

I love a variation of exercise forms in my week. I alway attempt to do at least one to two dance fundamentals classes and then a scattering of one to two weight training sessions, various cardio sessions like HIIT or trail running, a walk or run with my dog and intrinsic muscle training to ensure I’ve hit all my muscle groups to prevent injuries and instabilities.

What are your personal fitness goals?

My goal is to continue to gain knowledge about fitness, to squat and deadlift 80kg, to keep a consistent workout schedule and lose 2kg. I also want to help people understand that an active, balanced lifestyle is achievable and that there are countless creative and accessible ways to keep active. I am constantly reminded about how amazing and adaptable the body is. My goal is to continue expanding my knowledge, push my boundaries and share this belief of the body’s infinite possibilities with everyone so that everyone can make the most of their wonderful bodies and minds. 


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