Paige Danckwerts

Vital Stats

First Name: Paige

Surname: Danckwerts

Age: 27

Where you live: Johannesburg

Occupation: Online Female Fitness Coach and Designer (Graphic & Web)

Social Profiles

Instagram: and

Facebook: and 



Tell us more about yourself

What are your personal fitness goals?

I like to challenge myself and so I am always looking for ways to advance my skills. My current goals are to get stronger and to ensure that every healthy choice I make is underpinned by self-love.

How will you use your #BiogenFaceOfFitness ambassadorship to inspire women to lead a healthy / fit lifestyle if you win?

I believe that being fit and healthy is about so much more than just physique, it’s about having a well-rounded wholesome approach to life. This means taking care of your mind, body and soul.

My goal is to assist women in building a healthy balanced lifestyle, by guiding them on a journey to self-love and empowerment.

I aim to support women in reaching their fitness goals, by creating a balanced, happy and healthy lifestyle that they can continue to live by for the rest of their lives!

I strongly believe that the key to living a truly fulfilling life is learning how to love yourself – not only on the outside but more importantly on the inside!

This is the message I hope to spread to not only the women of South Africa but the women of the world!

What health and fitness quote or mantra do you live by?

“Being [BRAEVE] is having the audacity to be unhindered by failures, to walk with freedom, strength and hope in the face of things unknown”

Tell us about your fitness lifestyle

As a fitness coach my core beliefs are centred around sustainable healthy habits, self-discipline, gradual progression, self-love and empowerment.

Why do you think you’re the Biogen Face of Fitness?

I believe I have what it takes to be a source of positive inspiration/influence for women. I truly practice what I preach and everything I do is inspired by my passion for promoting a healthy, happy and balanced lifestyle!


  • Guy Mantel on August 21, 2020

    I simply cannot recommend this woman enough through words alone. She is truly deserving of not only being the Biogen face of fitness, but of achieving all her dreams and goals in life. Her company, Braeve, and herself are the embodiment of what fitness, health, wellness and happiness should encompass. I am so excited to watch you grow and build onto your successes and cannot wait to see you take on the world as you continue to shine your love and light in all aspects of your life. Vote for this incredible, strong and Braeve woman!!

  • Shona on August 23, 2020

    Paige is absolutely passionate about health and fitness. She has learnt the value of self love and health in her personal journey to wellness and how to find balance. She is happy, positive, compassionate, confident, consistent, authentic and dedicated to making a difference. She is inspiring and is guiding me on my own  journey to self love and balanced healthy life. She will be a wonderful face of fitness!!

  • K Danckwerts on August 24, 2020

    This woman is honestly such an inspiration. She’s inspired my own fitness journey and I cannot thank her enough. I feel like now I can make healthy choices. Go Paige!

  • Leticia on September 11, 2020

    She’s not just a woman that likes to get fit and eat healthy, she understands that everyone is different with different fitness goals and she then builds your plan around you as an individual.
    Paige would be a perfect fit to be the face of this brand as she’s got what it takes and more.

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