Lebogang Mahlangu

Age: 25
Lives: Morningside, Durban

I am originally from soshanguve from an amazing family of 6. I hold a BSc Degree in Food Science from Stellenbosch and am currently employed by a large FMCG company. I have worked as a food scientist and a procurement assistant manager and have great technical understanding of food, food regulation and safety. I have always been drawn to the food industry because of the role it plays in our health. I hope to someday work to create meals that are healthy, affordable and good for the planet. I competed In the Miss SA 2020 competition and reached the top 5 round. I was raising awareness around social entrepreneurship. It is the idea that purpose and profit don’t have to be mutually exclusive, that all entrepreneurs should have a social cause to help build their communities. This is an idea I hold close to my heart. I have lived out this passion by starting a small bakery in Soshanguve that aims to provide more affordable food and create jobs. Platforms like the Face of Fitness allow me to raise funding for this cause. I hope to share my story and experiences with more women and hopefully inspire them to pursue their fitness goals as fearlessly as they reach all other life goals.

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How does fitness fit into your lifestyle?

I pride myself in being adaptable and able to work out from anywhere and with everyone. I am always looking for ways to incorporate fun workouts into my daily routine, whether it be joining a team, running with a friend or joining a Zoom fitness session. I am open to new ways of working out. I have joined social dancing clubs and Tybo workouts in front of the TV with my mother to keep workouts from getting mundane. I also have standard routine seasons where I cannot be as flexible with my workouts. I wholeheartedly believe I am a great asset to my employer and family when I am strong and healthy. This is why I always get a run in or small gym session every morning in the more busy seasons of life. I believe it protects my mental health and is a big part of my personal care.

What are your personal fitness goals?

I have always been an active person and always part of a team. But I lost that fitness community when I transitioned from University to a corporate life. It was at this point where I had to train myself and started appreciating what my body could do even as a solo athlete. One of the first things I picked up was road running. It was extremely difficult at first after getting used to being motivated by the strength of a team. I had to learn to find strength from within. This transition period has taught me that I can do anything I set my mind  to and this is my defining goal. My long term fitness goal is to continuously get better at understanding what food and training my body needs to stay strong and healthy for every season. I also want to develop a consistent training regimen that will enable fitness longevity. I am an achiever. I would like to develop long distance running skills and someday complete a marathon. I really enjoy seeing how my body changes. With enough dedication, I hope to improve my eating habits enough to complement my training to get lean and develop more visible abs. 


  • Sihle on September 6, 2021

    We are behind you Lebo! All the way! Loving your work ????

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      Thank you so much Sihle! Fam you have been a part of this journey from day 1! Cant believe how far we have come.

      • Siphesihle on September 8, 2021

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      • Lu Mahlangu on September 8, 2021

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      Thanks Lerato. I really appreciate the support and every vote!

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    I’ll vote for you till the end of competition all the best Lebo ❤️

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      I dont have an emogi great enough to express how much I appreciate this <3

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    • Bulelani Shube on September 8, 2021

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