Donna Dikotla

Vital Stats

First Name: Donna 

Surname: Dikotla

Age: 27

Where you live: Randburg



Social Profiles

Instagram: feedymyfitco


Tell us more about yourself

What are your personal fitness goals?

Build muscle and maintain a healthy and fit physique.

What health and fitness quote or mantra do you live by?

Discipline leads to results

Tell us about your fitness lifestyle

I live a consistent and healthy lifestyle, creating healthy meals is a part of what I enjoy to do on a daily basis so eating healthily is something that comes easily to me. I workout 4-5 days a week and even on my rest days I make sure I do some sort of movement, not only physically but mentally and emotionally too. I enjoy doing heavy weight training mixed with HIIT exercises. I believe in choosing healthy alternatives and eating according to your fitness goals but always always healthy it’s not just about weight but nutrients for our overall health.

Why do you think you’re the Biogen Face of Fitness?

I live what I love! I believe that The Biogen Face of Fitness should be somebody who lives out their passion and radiates it onto others by how one lives out what they believe in which in my case is living a healthy and active lifestyle and finds joy in helping people achieve the same  with the right mindset and through the right products and the right lifestyle. I believe I am that girl, I’m living and loving the life I have chosen and I enjoy influencing and encouraging people to do the same. What I have learnt in my fitness journey has impacted and changed other parts of my life and I genuinely want that for others.


  • Priscilla Moroke on September 4, 2020

    Donna would make a perfect face of Biogen Face, she inspire us all literally what she does or use would also want to do it because of her effortless and passion she is showing at all times.

    She is so committed to health and fitness and by just looking her jounery through fitness already im inspired.

    Donna Dikgala for the Face of Biogen

  • Desirae on September 4, 2020

    Donna is such a beautiful person inside and out she has a great personality and good head on her shoulders. She is a strong and determined young woman who inspires many with her optimism and great outlook on life. She is committed to being healthy and I think she would be the perfect face for Biogen.

  • Shekinah on September 4, 2020

    Donna would be the perfect face of Biogen.
    She has such a beautiful personality and very passionate about healthy lifestyle . She has motivated me to stay and eat healthy.


  • Favour Nwaogu on September 4, 2020

    Donna is the definition of a fitness lover turned expert. She is not only compassionate about her craft but also shines her light on others.She deserves this and it would open doors for her and many others associated with being the face of Biogen fitness.

  • Maneo Scott-Anyaegbu on September 4, 2020

    Donna would definitely do this brand justice, she’s given so much to nutrition, health and fitness it makes her the perfect candidate. 🏋🏾‍♂️

  • Pumla on September 5, 2020

    Donna is definitely what you looking for and need. She is such a hard worker and put the best in all that she does. She is respectful, caring and full of so much love, which are characteristics that are important! And when it comes to health and fitness, it’s her passion. She loves it so much and believes important of it.

  • Thabo on September 7, 2020

    Donna is absolutely all about fitness I mean just look at her and her nutrition 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

  • Niki on September 7, 2020

    Donna is 🔥🔥🔥 He’s hard working and passionate about health a fitness.

  • Natasha Mureriwa on September 7, 2020

    Donna would be amazing as the face of Biogen! She’s beautiful, fitness driven and has an awesome personality!

  • Favour Nwaogu on September 7, 2020

    Donna is the epitome of fitness and deserves to win this as she motivates the people around her to be healthy and keep fit.

  • Ncedile Shoņgwe on September 7, 2020

    Donna is such a hardworker and a determined young lady. She definitely deserve a spot in the fitness world.

  • Kamogelo on September 8, 2020

    Donna is so amazing. She is definitely determined and takes fitness and health very seriously. She deserves to be face of fitness. I’ve received great advice from her about my health and it has worked for me all thanks to her. ❤️

  • NATASHA on September 8, 2020


  • Jah on September 9, 2020

    Donna is the best!!!

  • Crystal on September 10, 2020

    Donna deserves it! She’s such a hard worker!

  • Kamo on September 13, 2020

    Consistency! That’s what I see and appreciate in Donna’s determination to physically be the best version of herself. She is definitely most deserving!

  • Bruce makgwana Molepo on September 15, 2020

    My amazing Cuzz Donna is Motivating and always ready for a greate work out session she has the energy to push you to look the way you want to look

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