Daniella Da Silva

Vital Stats:

  • First Name: Daniella
  • Surname: Da Silva
  • Age: 22
  • Area you live in: Johannesburg
  • Occupation: Full-Time Student at UJ, Part-Time Health Assistant at Wellness Warehouse

Social Profiles:

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Tell us more about yourself:

What are your fitness goals?

My “for-me” fitness goal is to one day compete on stage as an IFBB Figure athlete – but this is certainly the long term goal. In the interim, my day-to-day goal is to inspire and aspire women to not fear the weight section, to not fear the idea of being strong and to not fear being a woman with muscle if that is their ambition. I believe that no young girl or woman should ever feel that strength, weights and muscle are things they should not aspire for or even if they do, that it is something they are incapable of having.

I am here to try change the ideals society have about women and strength; that is a big ambition, I know but I will always be a women with big goals, motivation, action and I don’t like being told that I can’t do what I put my mind to.

I also do intend on increasing my strength too, I have some serious heavy personal records I intend on accomplishing too; there is no use in just looking strong but to actually be strong too.

Why do you think you’re the USN Face of Fitness?

I saw a quote when I had first decided to get into bodybuilding that has resonated with me since, it said ” Be the kind of woman who does it not to show off, but to show others what they are capable of.”

Over the years, I found that each USN Face of Fitness represented this quote; each and every contestant and especially each and every winner was a woman whose goal was not to show off their fitness capabilities or accomplishments but to inspire and encourage other women to lead a fitter and healthier lifestyle, achieving whatever body goal they aspired for.

This is what I believe the USN Face of Fitness is all about; the goal is to encourage and inspire a lifestyle we already adore and live daily, I think I am the USN Face of Fitness because my every day ambition when I train, when I eat or when I interact on social media is to inspire women to be, do or achieve whatever healthy, fitness or body goal they aspire for – sometimes finding the motivation, inspiration or even getting the right encouragement.

On any given day it can be hard to find motivation especially when our family or friends whom surround us daily can negatively impact us or put us down so when I am able to help just one woman daily to do so and make a small influence in their lifestyle somehow then I am getting closer to that goal.

Any goal that serves others is a goal worth pursuing, striving and fighting for every single day.





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