Charne’ Gerber

Age: 21
Lives: Springs 

I come from a small town. I did not have a lot growing up and I have not had the best of childhoods. But that has kind of been my motivation to be the best I can be, to live a better life and to put good energy into the world. Sometimes it’s hard for a 21-year-old to be taken seriously, but I like proving people wrong when they doubt me. I know what I want and I will work my hands off to get it. I am a very caring, loving, honest person with goals and who always tries giving a 1000% in everything I do. 

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How does fitness fit into your lifestyle?

Fitness has always been part of my lifestyle. My grandfather used to run the Comrades Marathons and my parents were also into fitness when they were younger. In school I played hockey and started going to the gym at the age of 17. It’s a lifestyle I never want to give up. Fitness is not just about your physical appearance, but how you feel mentally. This lifestyle is literally the feeling it gives me in the first word – “life”. 

What are your personal fitness goals?

Being physically healthy as well as mentally. Fitness is not just about your physical aspects, it is just as important to be mentally healthy and “fit”. Being someone that has depression, I have realised that once you put yourself in that negative mindset, it’s hard to snap out of it. That’s when you suddenly don’t feel worthy or good enough, and you close yourself off and don’t want to do anything for yourself. This competition has given me the chance to break that habit and hopefully inspire those also going through the same things. Anything is possible if you just get out of your comfort zone and believe.


  • Thea on September 6, 2021

    You go girl I know you can do it

  • KEEGAN on September 6, 2021


  • Wimpie Gerber on September 7, 2021

    Love you. You are beautiful and inspiring.

    • Craig Stanton on September 7, 2021

      All the best, Charne!!

  • Loret Carstens on September 7, 2021

    All the best gorgeous!!! Never give up🏆🥇

  • Monique on September 7, 2021

    Well done Charne! You inspire me everyday!

  • Doug on September 7, 2021

    All the very best and wishing you well.

  • Tobie Nelson on September 7, 2021

    All the best.

  • Andre Vorster on September 7, 2021

    All the best!!!!

    • Willem & Ryna on September 17, 2021

      Ouma en oupa wens jou alle sterkte toe. Lief jou baie.

  • Rudolf on September 7, 2021

    All the best Charné, you can do this !!!👏👏👏🏆

  • Shirley on September 8, 2021

    You can do this Charne all the best go girl go

  • Pilot Emily on September 9, 2021

    All the best young lady. Make every1 proud🎉🎉🎊🎊🎈🎈bring this home🎖

    • Siphiwe on September 9, 2021

      All the best

      • Gawie on September 11, 2021

        You go girl!!!
        Keep being the inspiration that you are to so many

  • Gertina on September 10, 2021

    All the best, you look like a winner!!!!

  • Bernice on September 10, 2021

    All the best.

  • larry on September 11, 2021

    You have got what it takes, just go for it !!!

  • Siphokazi Xokozela on September 13, 2021

    You deserve it girl..

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