Candice Sills

I want to be the USN Face of Fitness to empower people to take control of their bodies again and see that anything can be achieved with dedication and a lot of hard work. I believe strongly in self love and confidence and with USN backing me I could spread this movement on to everyone wanting to get into fitness or simply improve their life.

Nancy Zimu

I am looking to convince more and more young women and men to engage in exercise, exploring their bodies and working out. Not only does this guarantee healthier you but it keeps the essential parts of your body at their optimum best. I have seen improvement around the ones I train. More active, more effective, better body posture, proper required rest and sleep.

Thandeka Vilakazi

I am as real as they come, proving that fitness is a journey; it’s a marathon, not a sprint. From my pictures, you can tell the difference in how far I’ve come and where I’m headed. I want to show women the real thing the sweaty side, the fun side and the fearless side. It’s about pushing my goals dreams, pushing passion, pain is weakness leaving the body.

Mathapelo Kekana

After having a baby at the age of 18, I thought my body could never bounce back into shape… well guess what? I broke those barriers for myself, and I have not been the same ever since. Society confides us into thinking that certain things are unattainable and only for a selected few.

Simoné Scharrighuisen

I’ve always followed the USN Face of Fitness as it inspired and motivated me. I have become the best version of myself by constantly inspiring myself and would love to represent the same image to those around me by having a positive impact.

Jacquelene Meyer

I am also someone that does not sugar coat this lifestyle and will tell you that hard work needs to be done. This will not be easy everyday, but I will show you the fun side of it. To have fun is the most important aspect of it all.

Melissa Pieterse

This title is everything I am as a woman! I inspire I motivate, and I participate! To be part of this brand is the foundation of where I want to go in my fitness career and to not only be touched by people locally but by people internationally! I want to take USN to the next level by representing this fantastic brand on a whole new level!

Paulette Neo Kaise

Having entered this competition three times before, I have learnt to take failure as a vital lesson and do better each time. I am persistent, relentless and courageous. I have grown immensely in the last year, and I am clear about what I want for myself and my brand.

Tanita Talke

Firstly I have always loved fitness, sport and nutrition. I feel that all women should have knowledge to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle all year round. I have used USN products for more that 5 years and I would love to have the opportunity to inform other ladies about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and to love yourself in the process. I am a normal person with a normal life and think that a lot of ladies can relate to me. Therefore lets motivate each other to be better everyday.

Kelebogile Serokolo

Fitness is my lifestyle, a passion, a motivator. Being the Face of USN will help me, help others to take that first step into a decision that will change their lives in the same ways that it has changed mine. Not only physically but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually.





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