Caroline Keneilwe

Age: 32
Lives: Johannesburg

I’m dynamic. I work a challenging (but fun) 9-5 and I get to spend time dancing as part of a professional company of talented dancers. Having worked in the fitness industry, a passion for maintaining a healthy lifestyle is ingrained in who I am. Personality wise, I think I’m relatively bubbly and energetic. I love being and surrounding myself with positivity and goodness – life has taught me that there literally is always a silver lining. Sometimes you might have to look really hard and even squint your eyes to see it, but it’s there – trust me! Some of my favourite pastimes include cooking and eating (which is probably the real reason I love working out, so I can feed my food habit). I enjoy reading, current affairs, and lifting heavy metal stuff.

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How does fitness fit into your lifestyle?

Exercise and fitness has been a part of my life for as long as i can remember. From going to the Health and Racket Club as a little girl, to being a comp judge at the Crossfit United We Stand, I don’t remember ever not being (or wanting to be) in a gym. It has gone from being a hobby to a profession, to a coping mechanism and now being my personal “me time”. I make sure to get in 5-6 good workouts a week, even if it’s just to do a few minutes of walking on the treadmill. A slow, flat workout is better than no workout at all. Fitness has introduced me to so much, and so many awe-inspiring people – women in particular – whose grit, mental fortitude. and physical strength I admire. It’s also taught me that I can exceed my own limits and beat my best. I’m not a perfect picture and I still struggle, often, but that’s the great thing – there’s always room to improve, space to grow and more to learn where fitness is concerned. I’m on that journey and I’m grateful to be here!

What are your personal fitness goals?

To look like an action figure and to be fit for purpose and fit for life. To be healthy from the inside out. I think my fitness goals are three-fold for a more holistic approach:

A healthy body that is aesthetically pleasing, but one that is achieved in a healthy sustainable way. A healthy mind and maintaining a good relationship with food (which is so important in the fitness industry) and a healthy perspective, especially as a woman. Society and the media can set unrealistic expectations about what the “ideal woman” is. For me, it’s important to always keep in perspective that that view cannot dictate how I see myself and what my standard of beauty is. The journey of acceptance and fitness is lifelong for most women, but it should be enjoyable and fulfilling. This is why ‘perspective’ is so important as part of my fitness goals

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