Talitha’s Face of Fitness experience

Winning the 2017 USN Face of Fitness cover model search competition rekindled Talitha’s passion for health and fitness, and has also provided her with an opportunity to realise her ultimate ambition in life – to release her own Dance Fit instructional video. With the backing offered by USN in her capacity as the reigning Face […]

Catching up with Talitha

Take us through a typical day for you. Every day is different. A day in my life starts with morning cardio. I then see clients and give classes, and then do my weight training in the evening. How do you like to structure your training? I like mixing up my cardio, including Dance Fit classes […]

5 Instagram content creation tips for Fitfluencers

Your social media is not the be all and end all of your personality, but it certainly goes a long way to have your online persona on point. Being real and authentic matters, but also the quality of content that you’re producing. Here are some top tips to crafting impactful Instagram content: Tip #1. Captivate […]

How to submit your video

Your entry video must show your personality and highlight your approach to training and a fitness-focussed lifestyle. Show us why you’re our next cover model! In the one minute video, introduce yourself – tell us a little about how you keep healthy and fit; things like how often you train, what motivates you and what […]

Alrieta’s Face of Fitness Experience

Since her reign as the USN Face of Fitness, Alrieta has used the numerous opportunities this platform provided to further her career as a health and fitness professional. She also remains a USN ambassador, helping to grow the brand online via her social media channels, and by being a global representative at various events and […]

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Catching up with Alrieta

Take us through a day in our life. Every day is different. I usually do cardio in the morning, or functional training depending on the day. I then see clients, do some admin, play with my dogs as I work from home, and then try to get through my invoicing. I then engage with online […]

Shelby’s Face of Fitness Experience

Shelby considers the USN Face of Fitness cover model search as her ‘big break’ in the industry. After she appeared on the January 2017 cover of Fitness magazine and became a USN-sponsored athlete, Shelby gained the courage and confidence she needed to pursue her passion and build a career in the health and fitness industry. […]





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