Alrieta’s Face of Fitness Experience

Since her reign as the USN Face of Fitness, Alrieta has used the numerous opportunities this platform provided to further her career as a health and fitness professional.

She also remains a USN ambassador, helping to grow the brand online via her social media channels, and by being a global representative at various events and shows. While she’s no longer active on the competitive stage, Alrieta is leveraging her continued association with this global supplement juggernaut as an opportunity to expand her business internationally.

How did winning the cover model search change your life?

My life has changed a lot since I won. It opened many doors for me within the fitness industry and helped me network with other businesses.

What are your best tips for anyone who wants to launch their fitness career?

Be yourself, be real, and take it day by day. Most importantly, go out there and tell you story, and build from there.

What advice can you share with someone who wants to become a fitness model?

Make sure you’re ready to diet! You need the willpower to say no to chocolates, ice cream, pizza and all those other yummy treats. And establish a routine – this is very important! Also, get to know your body and learn to enjoy the process, because it’s not going to happen for you in a week.

Why did you enter the USN Face of Fitness?

It looked like a lot of fun. I made the top 32 the year before and really wanted to make it to the finals. It was daunting considering all those other beautiful girls who entered, but I viewed it as a different challenge, as I wanted to do something new having already competed on stage. I also wanted to be seen as more than just a stage competitor.

What do you wish you knew before entering the competition?

Not knowing everything is a good thing, because that is how we learn. So I wouldn’t wish to experience it any other way.

What would you do different to prepare if you had the opportunity to do it over?

Eat fewer ice-creams.

What was the best advice you got during the shoot?

Take everything in and enjoy every second and moment as you may never experience it again. And be yourself.

What did you learn from the experience?

I learnt that there is so much more that goes on to produce a cover and a magazine. I also found that the competition is a great platform to build your profile and your brand to grow your business.

Tell us what it’s like to be part of Team USN.

It’s the best! It’s such fun to be part of the team. It’s like a family. We do awesome things together and it’s a fun brand to be with. And their products are also amazing. The brand is doing such great things with flavouring – my favourite is the new Rascals flavour!

Tell us about your most recent USN brand experience.

I recently went to BodyPower in the UK. The expo was massive and USN was the biggest brand there, without a doubt! The vibe was amazing. We had lots of fun and met loads of people. There was such great energy, which made it an unforgettable trip that I wish more people could experience. 

What lesson did you take from the USN Face of Fitness experience?

Don’t be scared to be yourself, and don’t be scared of chasing your dreams or goals. Even if you don’t make it, chasing your goal will change your life.

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